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When visiting Go Bonkers Please remember the following guidelines and restrictions.

  • Waivers must be always be signed in order to enter the play area.

  • Parents are required to supervise their children at all times. Never leave your child unattended.

  • Remember: Clean socks are always required for both kids and adults in the play area, including non-participating adults.No shoes of any kind allowed.No exceptions.

  • Food, drink, candy, lollipops or sharp objects are no permitted in the play area.Glasses and jewelry should be removed.

  • Pushing, rough play and shouting are not tolerated. Please remind your children the rules of playing nicely.

  • Children who appear visibly sick will kindly be asked to return on a day when they are feeling better. We respectfully ask that parents and caregivers consider the health and well-being of all our guests.

  • We understand many of our guests are potty training. If so, we ask that children wear appropriate potty-training undergarments while at Go Bonkers. Please note, swim diapers are not permitted in the play space. There will be a $100 cleaning fee if your child soils in Go Bonkers.

  • Changing is permitted ONLY in restrooms, which have been outfitted with baby changing stations.  No Exceptions.

  • Staff member instructions must be followed at all times.

  • Absolutely NO alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs are permitted at any time.

  • The usage of vulgar language ifs prohibited.

  • Go Bonkers is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended.

  • Failure to follow Go Bonkers play rules and policy will result in eviction from the facility without a refund. Go Bonkers reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone for any reason.

  • Final very important rule,HAVE FUN and PLAY SAFE!

  • What should we wear?
    All guests, regardless of age, should be fully clothed in a shirt, pants or shorts at all times. Everyone must bring their clean socks. Shoes, sneakers, and sandals are not permitted. If you forget socks, we have socks you can purchase. Everyone who is playing in our facility must wear socks. This helps keep our facility clean for our patrons and ensures the longevity of our equipment. Pantyhose & baby booties are not acceptable as socks; please bring only socks. Diapers need to be covered by pant wear of some sort. Items like jewelry, watches and loose clothing should be removed from every adult and child prior to entering in the play area. Remember we don’t want anything getting caught, damaged or broken.
  • Do we need a waiver to enter?
    Yes. All parents or guardians must sign a waiver before entry into our facility. Please see our waiver pages here.
  • Do you have a height requirement?
    Our indoor playground is for children 50 inches and below. If you have any taller children attending your group they WILL be permitted into the facility, however, they will be treated as an adult. Any adults or larger children not playing safely around our smaller children/guests will be asked to leave without any refund. If you booked a birthday party and have relatives and guests with older children – these rules still apply. Any guests of your birthday party that do not abide by these rules will be immediately removed from the facility. The safety of our children/guests is our primary concern.
  • How long is my child allowed to play for the general admission price?
    As long as their happy little heart desires and your schedule allows. We have no time limits on play time, though re-entry rules do apply.
  • Do I have to stay with my child(ren) at all times?
    Parental supervision is required at ALL TIMES. Go Bonkers is NOT a drop-off center. There must be one legal guardian responsible for monitoring their children at all times while they play in our facility.
  • What are your rules for conduct while playing?
    Any rude, rough play, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated by any child or adult. In the event a child or adult violates this policy, they will be asked to leave with NO refund. Using inappropriate language will also result in your removal. Patrons are required to follow the requests of Go Bonkers staff members immediately and at all times.
  • What if we lose something?
    Please understand, we are NOT responsible for any lost, damaged, or forgotten items. If you are missing something please email regarding the item you are missing so we can check for you.
  • How often is the playground cleaned?
    DAILY!!! Our playground is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every night. Cleanliness is our top priority!
  • Can we place party decorations on the walls?
    You’re welcome to bring decorations, however, to preserve the integrity of our party room, we do not permit ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, glitter or piñatas. A $150 clean-up fee will be charged for the prohibited decorations.
  • Can my party be rescheduled?
    Yes, parties can be rescheduled and subject to availability, but deposit is non-refundable.
  • Can I just celebrate a birthday in the lounge area?
    Unfortunately we do not allow birthday celebration in the lounge area. All birthday parties should be pre-arranged with us.
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